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Cutting your carbon emissions

Climate change is the term used to explain the changing weather patterns the earth is experiencing. Because of climate change, the UK is seeing hotter summers, milder winters, higher sea levels and increased flooding.

It is widely accepted that human activity is contributing to climate change through the production of greenhouse gases. These gases - particularly CO2 - are being released into the earth's atmosphere, where they form a layer, which prevents heat from escaping, causing a warming effect.

Businesses can help to tackle climate change by reducing the levels of greenhouse gases they produce. Some businesses, particularly those that are energy-intensive, will have requirements to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions as a result of the UK's commitment to the Kyoto Protocol.

However, all businesses can make changes that will make a difference, such as using less energy or swapping company cars for greener models. It may bring you business benefits too, including cost savings and tax breaks.

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