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How to cut carbon emissions from business travel

How to reduce carbon emissions from  transport

Transport is a significant - and growing - cause of carbon emissions. Some businesses, such as those in the transport sector, will be able to cut carbon emissions to a larger extent than others, but there are actions that all businesses can take.

The first step in cutting your CO2 emissions is to evaluate the impact of your business travel on the environment. This includes:

  • travel to and from meetings and other out-of-office appointments - whether this is by car, plane or train
  • journeys that employees make to and from work
  • the way your business makes and receives deliveries.

The Carbon Trust can help you work out the carbon footprint of your business, including the impact of business travel, and give free advice on cutting carbon emissions.

Carbon Trust: Carbon footprint calculator

Once you have examined your business travel, the next step is to look at ways to reduce or minimise the impact of these journeys. You might consider encouraging your employees to:

  • book several appointments in the same area on the same day
  • work from home
  • use methods of transport with less environmental impact, such as walking, cycling and trains
  • use low-emission vehicles and alternatively powered vehicles
  • drive vehicles more efficiently.

If you transport goods as part of your business, you should ensure that you do this in the most efficient way.

Watch our short video:

How to manage transport impacts from your business

For further information on reducing the environmental impact of your business travel, see our guidelines:

Travel plans

Reducing vehicle emissions.

The Energy Saving Trust has produced a smart phone app that can save you money and track your fuel use. You can find out about the app at:

Energy saving Trust: FuelGood

Zero Waste Scotland has produced a series of free, online training modules for SMEs. The training will help develop the skills and knowledge needed to put in place effective resource efficiency measures in your business. They deal with energy, waste and water efficiency. You can work through them at your own speed, choosing the modules that are relevant to your business.

ZWS: Green Champions Training

Further information

Carbon Trust: Carbon footprint calculators

Travel Wise Northern Ireland: Sustainable transport

Energy Saving Trust Scotland: Fleet advice


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