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How to find suppliers of low-carbon products

Find suppliers of low carbon products

There are a number of purchasing decisions you can make to help cut your CO2 emissions and reduce your carbon footprint.

Using suppliers of low-carbon products can have more benefits than just helping your business become more environmentally responsible. It can also show stakeholders - such as investors, employees and customers - that you are taking your environmental responsibilities seriously.

Some purchasing decisions may also make your business eligible for tax breaks or reduced environmental taxes. Changing your source of energy, for example, can make your business eligible for a climate change levy reduction. See the page in this guideline on tax breaks to encourage energy efficiency

You could also:

  • Consider swapping company cars for low CO2-emitting vehicles.
  • Buy products from local suppliers to cut down on the distance they are transported.
  • Buy equipment that is energy efficient.

Find suppliers

The Carbon Trust can advise you about the impact of your purchasing decisions on your carbon footprint. It may also be able to advise you about suppliers in your area.

Looking to install energy efficiency or renewable energy technology?

The Carbon Trust provides information that includes lists of accredited suppliers, guidance on energy saving technologies and how you can finance installation.

The Carbon Trust: Green Business Directory

Your local NI Enterprise Centre or, in Scotland, your Business Gateway or trade association may also be able to help you find local suppliers.

Further information

Defra: Green labels and credentials

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