Laboratories, particularly in the biological sciences, are often involved in activities which result in the use and production of materials which are classed as animal by-products.

This includes entire animal bodies, parts of animals, blood, fluids or any products of animal origin that are not intended for human consumption.

The Animal By-Products Regulations are aimed at protecting human and animal health and the environment.

They contain rules for the collection, storage, handling, processing, use and disposal of animal by-products. They also control the marketing, export and transit of animal by-products and products derived from them.

What you must do

If you produce, or intend to use animal by-products for research, diagnostic or educational purposes you must have an authorisation from:

  • Animal & Plant Health Agency Health (formerly Animal Health) in Scotland
  • your Divisional Veterinary Office in Northern Ireland.

Scotland: Animal & Plant Health Agency: field services offices in Scotland

Northern Ireland: DAERA: List of Approved Premises and Operators

You must store and dispose of all waste material of animal origin from laboratories according to the Animal By-Products Regulations. Waste material from educational establishments is subject to the same regulations that apply to businesses.

Animal by-products produced in animal experiments are classed as very high risk Category 1 material and you must dispose of them accordingly. For more detailed information see the NetRegs guidance.

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