Environmental guidance for your business in Northern Ireland & Scotland

PRE-notification of movements of hazardous/special waste

Pre-notify before moving hazardous/special waste

Pre-notification means letting your environmental regulator know in advance that you are going to be moving hazardous/special waste from your site.

Northern Ireland:

In Northern Ireland you must pre-notify the NIEA of a movement of hazardous waste at least 72 hours (3 days), but no more than 1 month, before the movement of hazardous waste. (The 72 hours does not include weekends or holidays)

This is done using the top white sheet from your consignment note.

You do not need to pre-notify the NIEA if

  • The movement of waste is part of a regular collection of the same type of waste by the same carrier going to the same destination. The first movement of waste must be pre-notified, but the following movements, for up to one year, do not need to be pre-notified.
  • It is off spec products which are considered waste and are returned to the supplier or manufacturer. (DC code)
  • Waste produced on a ship being removed to a waste site. (DC code)
  • The shipment is of Lead acid batteries (DB code)
  • Intra-group movements, for storage before disposal or recovery (DA code or DB code)


You do not need to pre-notify SEPA of movements of Special waste, so long as the place it is being moved from, and the final destination, are both within Scotland.

If you are moving waste from outside of Scotland into Scotland, or moving waste from Scotland to a site for recycling, treatment or disposal that is outside Scotland, you must pre-notify SEPA using the top white sheet from the Consignment Note.


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