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Different types of collection for hazardous/special waste

Types of collection for hazardous/special waste

Different types of collection for hazardous/special waste:


A one-off movement, or single collection

This is where you, as the consignor, want to have a single load of hazardous/special waste removed from your site.

A succession

A succession means a regular collection of a similar type of waste from same producer or consignor to the same consignee.

This means you have a contract that means a collection is made regularly throughout the year and the same type of hazardous/special waste is removed by the carrier and taken to the same place for treatment or disposal.  This arrangement can last for 1 year.

There are two types of succession:

A carriers round

A carrier's round is a journey made by a carrier during which they collect more than one consignment of special waste from different customers. The waste carrier will transport all consignments collected to the same final destination. 

The consignment note will state where the waste will be taken. This journey must be completed by the carrier in 24 hours. This round can be repeated regularly (as a succession) for up to 1 year.

An extended carriers round

This is a journey made by the waste carrier where they make a collection of hazardous/special waste from separate premises over the course of one week. Only one collection can be made from any consignor during that week.

The waste carrier must also be the consignee, i.e. work for the site that is the final destination of the waste.

The extended carriers round can also be a succession and can be repeated for up to 1 year.

In each case there is a slightly different way of completing the necessary paperwork.


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