This page provides links to the full text of key pieces of environmental legislation relating to burning waste. The websites hosting the legislation may list amendments separately.

If you are setting up an environmental management system (EMS) for your business, you can use this list to start compiling your legal register. Your legal adviser or environmental consultant will be able to tell you if other environmental legislation applies to your specific business.

Environmental management systems and environmental reports

Northern Ireland legislation

Clean Air (Northern Ireland) Order 1981 SI 158 (NI 4) (including amendments up to 2004) Sets out controls on smoke, dust and fumes, including rules on chimneys, and introduces smoke control areas.

Pollution Prevention Control (Industrial Emissions) Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2013 SR 160 The Regulations revoke 18 sets of existing regulations relating to industrial emissions and consolidate all the provisions of the Industrial Emissions Directive in to a single set of regulations. They control the operation of any installation or mobile plant carry out any of the activities listed in Part 1 of Schedule 1 to the Regulations.

Pollution Prevention and Control (Industrial Emissions) (Amendment) Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2016 SR309

Amends the 2013 PPC Regulations to take account of EU Directive 2014/99/EU, which sets two new standards for equipment used for Stage II petrol vapour recovery.

Pollution Prevention and Control (Industrial Emissions) (Amendment) Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2018 SR33

Amend the PPC (IE) Regulations 2013 to introduce provisions relating to medium combustion plants (MCP). Transpose the EU’s MCP Directive, which lays down rules to control emissions of sulphur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide and dust from MCPs.

Scottish Legislation

Clean Air Act 1993. Bans the emission of dark smoke from chimneys and furnaces, sets minimum chimney heights and creates smoke control zones.

Pollution Prevention and Control (Scotland) Regulations 2012 (SSI 2012/360) Sets out a system to control pollution from any installation or mobile plant carrying out specified activities through permits, inspections and control of emissions. Covers the inclusion of best available techniques (BAT) and standard rules in permits. Replaces (revokes) previous PPC legislation and the Waste Incineration (Scotland) Regulations 2003.

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