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Hazardous/special waste notifications

Hazardous and special waste notifications

Waste is defined as hazardous/special waste if it is classified as hazardous in the European Waste Catalogue (or List of Wastes). Generally, waste is described as hazardous if it, or the materials or substances it contains, are harmful to human health or the environment.

If you produce hazardous/special waste you must make sure that you store, transport, treat and dispose of it correctly in compliance with the law.

Pre-notify NIEA in Northern Ireland

You must pre-notify the Northern Ireland Environment Agency (NIEA) at least 72 hours and not more than one month before any hazardous waste leaves your site. You do this by filling in a consignment note.

Pre-notify SEPA in Scotland

You must pre-notify the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) before a single movement of special waste, or the first in a series of special waste movements, leaves your site. You do this by filling in parts A and B of a consignment note. The pre-notification sheet must be delivered to SEPA at least 72 hours and not more than one month before special waste is moved within Scotland, or imported into Scotland from England or Wales.

Exemptions from pre-notification

Certain types of hazardous waste movements are exempt from pre-notification. See the page on moving and transferring hazardous/special waste in our guideline:

Hazardous/special waste

Use consignment notes when moving hazardous/special waste

When you move hazardous waste from your premises it must be accompanied by a consignment note. This includes moving it to any other site that you may operate. The waste must be accompanied by a consignment note until it reaches its final destination. You must keep a copy of all consignment notes for three years. There are only a very few exceptions where consignment notes are not needed.

Further information

NIEA: Hazardous waste

Waste Thesaurus: SEPA guidance for coding waste An alphabetical list of waste types with their corresponding EWC codes.

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