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Oil storage environmental legislation

Oil storage environmental legislation

This page provides links to the full text of key pieces of environmental legislation relating to oil storage. The websites hosting the legislation may list amendments separately.

If you are setting up an environmental management system (EMS) for your business, you can use this list to start compiling your legal register. Your legal adviser or environmental consultant will be able to tell you if other environmental legislation applies to your specific business.

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Northern Ireland Oil Storage legislation

Control of Pollution (Oil Storage) (Northern Ireland) Regulations SR 2010/412.Imposes general requirements for preventing pollution of waterways and groundwaters from oil storage, particularly fixed tanks or mobile bowsers. Makes contravention a criminal offence.

Control of Pollution (Silage, Slurry and Agricultural Fuel Oil) Regulations (Northern Ireland) SR 2003/319. Sets out conditions for storing crops being made into silage, slurry and certain fuel oil. Some exceptions apply.

Water (Northern Ireland) Order SI 1999/662 (including updates). Makes provision for discharge consents. Enables the Department of the Environment to set water quality objectives and prevent pollution from anti-pollution works.

Groundwater Regulations (Northern Ireland) SR 2009/254. Introduces classification systems in line with EU developments, makes it an offence to discharge listed substances within an authorisation, controls issuing and reviewing authorisations and consents. Cover enforcement, codes of practice and penalties.


Scotland Oil Storage legislation

The Water Environment (Miscellaneous) (Scotland) Regulations 2017

The Regulations amend existing general binding rules (GBRs) 3, 9 to 13, 15, 17 to 20, 23 and 24, and inserts new GBRs 25 to 28. Consolidate the oil storage regulations into the Controlled Activities Regulations (CAR) and extend them to include storage in depots for the onward distribution of oil.

Water Environment (Controlled Activities) (Scotland) Regulations SSI 2011/209. Authorises controlled activities such as discharges, abstractions, impoundments (dams and weirs) and engineering works in the water environment. Regulation of controlled activities is carried out through general binding rules, registrations or licences.

You will also need to know about and comply with legislation on:

Water pollution

Duty of care

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Oil storage environmental legislation

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