Environmental guidance for your business in Northern Ireland & Scotland

Other radioactive substances regulations

Other radioactive substances regulations

Duty of Care for Waste

If your wastes are considered:

  • out of scope
  • exempt from the requirement for a certificate of authorisation in Northern Ireland
  • covered by GBRs or a notification in Scotland

You must still dispose of this waste in accordance with the Duty of Care. The waste may have additional properties that make it necessary to treat it as hazardous/special waste.

Duty of care for waste

Hazardous/special waste

Importing and exporting radioactive substances

If you are importing or exporting radioactive materials or waste, you must contact your environmental regulator to find out what you need to do.

Contact your environmental regulator

You might be able to use an Open General Export Licence for the export of certain types of radioactive sources to specific countries.

Open general export licence (OGEL) for the export of radioactive sources

Health and safety requirements

If your business uses or keeps radioactive substances you may need to comply with health and safety requirements.

Northern Ireland: HSENI: Radiation guidance

Scotland: HSE: Radiation protection publications


Transport requirements

If your business transports radioactive substances you may need to comply with transport requirements.

GOV.UK: Transporting dangerous goods

SEPA: Guidance on the Shipment of Wastes which contain Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (NORM)

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Other radioactive substances regulations

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