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Machinery, equipment and fuel

Machinery, equipment and fuel

Oil and fuel storage

  • Make sure all oils and fuels are stored in compliance with the regulations that cover Oil Storage.

GPP 2: Above Ground Oil Storage


Buying environmentally friendly goods

  • When you make purchases, check the sustainability of different products.
  • Look at the businesses selling them and choose those with green credentials

NetRegs: Buying environmentally friendly goods and services


Servicing and maintenance

  • Looking after machinery and equipment will lengthen its life and help you avoid costly replacements.

NetRegs: maintaining farm machinery


Dealing with waste oil

  • Check and find out if there is an oil bank nearby that you can use, or find a licensed carrier who can collect your waste oil.
  • Waste oil must be stored, and transported safely and in a way that avoids spills.

GPP 8: Safe storage and disposal of waste oil

Oil Care Campaign: Find your nearest oil bank


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Look after your soil

Protect water

Care for animals

Manage your crops

Manage waste

Make use of buildings

Machinery, equipment and fuel

Protect biodiversity

Small scale forestry

Management tools

Dealing with emergencies

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