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Repairing goods


In recent years, the repair of goods has reduced for a number of reasons, such as cheaper products, the pace of technological change and the complexity of products. But repair is an essential part of moving to a circular economy. Repair must once again become convenient and cost-effective. Both manufacturers and users can support repair.

If you are a manufacturer

How supporting repair or providing a repair service can benefit your business

  • adds value to your business’ offer to customers
  • generates new revenue streams
  • enhances your brand loyalty
  • enables your customer to reduce material and other input costs
  • enables your customer to gain greater value from their own materials and products.

What you must do

What you can do

  • design products for a longer lifetime and which are supported by a guarantee and trusted repair services
  • design products ready to be disassembled and economically repaired
  • provide or set up a repair service e.g. Nudie Jeans – a global repair service for jeans
  • cut your costs by borrowing / sharing repair tools e.g. Edinburgh Tool Library.

If you are buying goods or have an item needing repair

What you can do

  • before buying new, check for a local repair service - find someone locally (search online or look in your phonebook). For bigger repair jobs use a reputable local tradesman
  • include in your procurement policy criteria about purchasing repaired products and about purchasing products that can be repaired
  • learn repair skills and work in partnership to campaign for goods to be built to last through Remade Edinburgh
  • cut your costs by borrowing / sharing repair tools e.g. Edinburgh Tool Library.

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