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Business support for a sustainable Scotland

Organisations that support businesses through advice, training, networking events, online resources and support in the form of loans and grants.


Zero Waste Scotland

Zero Waste Scotland exists to create society where resources are valued and nothing is wasted.

The organisation aims to help businesses and individuals make practical behavioural changes through:

  • Business support
  • Technical advice
  • Skills development
  • Communication support
  • Funding

#Manages the

  • Circular Economy Investment Fund

For more information visit:

ZWS Website: https://www.zerowastescotland.org.uk/


Resource Efficient Scotland

A programme of Zero Waste Scotland, the Resource Efficient Scotland programme offers dedicated, expert support to help small and medium-sized businesses reduce energy and water usage as well as prevent waste, saving resources and associated costs. Specialist support is also available for food and drink and construction sectors.

Businesses are offered:

  • Free one-to-one support for onsite resource savings opportunities to identify where savings can be made
  • Help to implement projects
  • Support with funding applications
  • Training and capacity building events, workshops and webinars

#Manages the

For more information visit:

RES Website: https://www.resourceefficientscotland.com/

Business Gateway

Free support in the form of practical advice and support on how to start up and develop a business.

Business Gateway provides:

  • Free workshops and events, run across Scotland, covering a range of useful topics such as bookkeeping, social media strategy, e-commerce and exporting.
  • Online resources; guides, articles, videos and templates for support on all aspects of starting up or running a business.
  • 1-1 business advice at local offices

For more information visit:

Business gateway website: https://www.bgateway.com/

Energy Saving Trust

The Energy Savings Trust in Scotland provides information and support for home energy efficiency and advice and support for businesses on transport issues such as:

  • Installing charge points for electric vehicles
  • E-bikes information
  • Low carbon transport e-bike loans
  • Switched on at work
  • Advice and support for employee engagement


  • Chargeplace Scotland - Domestic charge-point grant
  • Low carbon transport loan
  • E-bike loan
  • Fuelgood driver training (£25 subsidy per driver)

For more information visit:

EST Website: https://www.energysavingtrust.org.uk/scotland

Scottish Enterprise (SE) and Highlands and Islands Enterprise (HIE)

SE and HIE has a range of business support covering areas such as:

  • Business development of products and services
  • Accessing funding
  • Exporting and international markets
  • Improving productivity and skills
  • Manufacturing
  • Digital development and/innovation
  • Low carbon transition.

#Manages: Funds supporting innovation and collaboration, in the Highland and Islands area (HIE) or the rest of Scotland (SE).

For more information visit:

Scottish Enterprise Website: https://www.scottish-enterprise.com/

Highlands and Islands Enterprise Website: http://www.hie.co.uk/



The Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) ensures that businesses comply with environmental regulations. SEPA, working with others including SBSP members, also encourages businesses to go beyond compliance and improve their environmental performance.

SEPA supports resource efficiency measures and the transition towards a circular economy.

For example SEPA offers the ”End of waste classification service”, which sets out the steps that need to be taken to allow the reuse of materials previously classified as waste.

The SEPA Communication Centre (SCC) – can provide answers to queries or find appropriate staff to deal with questions on any aspect of SEPAs work.

Tel: 03000 99 66 99

NetRegs provides free plain English guidance covering environmental compliance and good practice, linking to support organisations where appropriate.


#Managed by SEPA and delivered by approved bodies:

  • Landfill tax communities fund


For more information visit:

SEPA Website: https://www.sepa.org.uk/  

The Carbon Trust

A range of services aimed at businesses, government and the public sector:

  • Tools and guidance on energy efficiency, employee awareness and carbon footprinting.
  • Design and manage long term multi-stakeholder projects to deliver results aimed at moving towards a low carbon economy
  • Independent assurance and certification services that recognise achievements in sustainability.



  • the Green Business Fund
  • the BEIS Industrial Energy Efficiency Accelerator fund
  • Energy Efficiency Financing

For more information visit:

Carbon Trust Website: https://www.carbontrust.com/home/

Keep Scotland Beautiful

An organisation working hard to make a positive difference to a wide range of environmental impacts and challenges. This includes tackling the litter on our streets, educating our young people on environmental topics and cutting the carbon emissions which threaten our planet.

KSB provides grants and support for community-led organisations to tackle climate change by running projects that reduce local carbon emissions.

# Manages

  • the Climate Challenge Fund

For more information visit:

Keep Scotland Beautiful Website: https://www.keepscotlandbeautiful.org/

Connect Local

An organisation focussing on developing the food and drink sector across Scotland which offers free advice and guidance on:

  • Local food and drink businesses and organisations
  • Regional food groups
  • Collaborative projects that promote local food and drink
  • Start-ups and SMEs looking to develop capabilities
  • Change behaviour in food and drink production, promotion, procurement and ultimately consumer purchasing towards local choices.
  • Strengthen the local food and drink economy including the seafood supply chain (diversifying and improving access to local markets).


  • the Regional Food Fund

For more information visit:

Connect Local Website: https://connectlocal.scot/

FSB Funding platform

The FSB Funding Platform offers FSB members direct access to hundreds of business funding options with a single application. They help you find the right funding for your business, save you precious time, and lower the overall cost of finance.

FSB: Funding Platform

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