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How do you apply for a waste management licence?

How do you apply for a waste management licence?

Site plant and mobile plant waste management licences

There are two types of waste management licence:

  • licences for site plant for facilities
  • licences for mobile plant.

If you think you need a licence, contact your environmental regulator to find out which type of licence you need.

NIEA: Contact details

SEPA: Contacting SEPA

If you operate mobile plant that has been licensed in Scotland you must apply to the EA for an environmental permit in order to use the plant in England or Wales.

If you have an environmental permit in England or Wales you must also get a waste management licence to operate mobile plant in Scotland.

Complete an application form

You can apply for, modify, surrender or transfer a waste management licence online.

NIEA: Apply online

SEPA: Application forms

Check if you need planning permission before you can apply for a waste management licence

If your site requires planning approval you must get this before you apply for a waste management licence.

You have planning approval if you have:

  • planning permission
  • lawful development certificate
  • an established use certificate
  • or, in Scotland, if your site is a general permitted development.

To apply for planning approval or for further information contact your planning authority or local council planning service.

Northern Ireland: DfI Planning

Scottish Government: Planning system in Scotland

Contact your local council

Provide the correct information

You should apply to your environmental regulator using the official application form and include:

  • site and operator details, demonstrating that you have the right technical competence, experience and money
  • the type and quantities of waste to be handled at the site
  • responsible staff members' details
  • a site-specific risk assessment
  • oanodour risk assessment
  • information on whether planning permission is required.

When your environmental regulator issues you with a waste management licence it will include conditions you have to comply with. These are aimed at preventing your activity causing harm to the environment or human health.

Conditions are likely to cover:

  • types and quantities of waste you can store or treat
  • treatment methods
  • storage times
  • operation and management
  • hours of operation
  • record keeping
  • security levels at your site.

If your site closes, you must continue to comply with your licence conditions until your environmental regulator issues you with a certificate of completion.

Make sure you have the correct qualifications

Your site must be managed by a competent person. This person must be involved in the day to day running of the site.

If you operate a licensed waste management facility you, or someone who works for you, must hold a Waste Management Industry Training and Advisory Board (WAMITAB) Certificate of Technical Competence (CoTC). The level of certificate needed depends on your activities.

Northern Ireland

NIEA: What do you need to apply for a waste management licence?

NIEA: Guidance on Waste Management Licences


SEPA: Guidance for PPC permits

SEPA: Guidance for WML

Waste management licence application forms

Northern Ireland

NIEA: Apply online


SEPA: Application form

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