How do you apply for a PPC permit?

If you need to apply for a pollution prevention and control (PPC) permit you should contact your environmental regulator or, for a PPC part C permit in Northern Ireland, your local council.

PPC permit holders

If you already hold a PPC permit, you must comply with its conditions. If you are planning any changes to your operations, you must contact your environmental regulator well in advance of making any such change. Your environmental regulator will tell you whether your permit needs to be changed.

New sites and mobile plant

If you plan to operate a new site or mobile plant that carries out activities regulated by PPC, you must apply to your environmental regulator or local council for a PPC permit. You must not start operations before you have your permit.

If you operate mobile plant that is permitted in Scotland and that you intend to operate in England, you should contact the Environment Agency to ask for their permission to use your plant, as England operates under the environmental permitting regime. Note that they may not allow you to do so.

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