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Further information on pesticides and biocides

Further information on pesticides and biocides

The Voluntary Initiative provides guidance to agriculture and horticulture businesses on best practice for using plant protection products. It also provides training and advice, and links to container recycling schemes and other initiatives to help you protect the environment and save money.

Voluntary Initiative: Using pesticides responsibly

The Pesticide Action Network UK (PAN) is a non-governmental organisation that campaigns to reduce pesticide use and eliminate hazardous pesticides. They publish a list of pesticides that have potential harmful health or environmental impacts.

Pesticides Action Network UK

The Pesticide Forum oversees the work under the UK pesticides strategy and provides a forum for exchanging views.

The Pesticides Forum

The Chemicals Regulation Directorate (CRD) is part of the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) and ensures pesticides and biocides are used safely. They approve pesticides and biocides for use and produce guidance for biocide and pesticide manufacturers and users.

Health and Safety Executive (HSE): Biocides information

HSE Chemicals Regulation Directorate: Pesticides information

The HSE provides a database of pesticides (includes herbicides, fungicides, molluscicides etc.) where you can find:

  • if a product is still approved
  • approved products for specific purposes
  • details of application rates and methods of delivery
  • alternative products for a range of applications.

and a wide range of other information relating to pesticide use.

HSE: Pesticides Monitor Search

The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) is a non-governmental organisation that works for the conservation of wild birds and gives advice on management of the environment.

RSPB: Pesticides

The Forestry Commission provides a number of technical publications dealing with the safe use of pesticides.

Forestry Commission: Pesticide publications and technical guidance

In this Guideline

What are pesticides and biocides and who uses them?

Supplying pesticides and biocides

Approved pesticide and biocide products and qualifications

Controls on applying pesticides and biocides

Applying pesticides and biocides

Good practice for using pesticides and biocides

Import, supply and sale - Getting approval for pesticides and biocides

Disposing of pesticides and biocides

Dealing with pesticide and biocide spills

Further information on pesticides and biocides

Pesticides and biocides environmental legislation

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