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Reprocessing and export of packaging waste

Reprocessing and exporting packaging waste

If you recover, recycle or export packaging waste, you can apply for accreditation. This will allow you to issue electronic packaging waste recovery notes (ePRNs) and electronic packaging waste export recovery notes (ePERNs) to obligated businesses and compliance schemes.

ePRNs and ePERNs can be issued for each tonne of packaging waste reprocessed or exported for reprocessing. Businesses and compliance schemes obtain ePRNs or ePERNs to show that they have met their packaging recovery and recycling obligation. As an accredited reprocessor or exporter you can charge for this service.

What you must do

Applying for accreditation

You can apply for accreditation from:

  • the Northern Ireland Environment Agency (NIEA) in Northern Ireland
  • the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) in Scotland

using the National Packaging Waste Database. You will have to pay a fee to apply for accreditation. You will need to contact the NIEA or SEPA to get a login for the National Packaging Waste Database.

NPWD: National Packaging Waste Database

To apply for reprocessor accreditation you need to provide evidence of the:

  • UK source of the packaging waste that you reprocess
  • weight of the packaging waste
  • efficiency of your reprocessing plant
  • final use of the recovered material.

To apply for exporter accreditation you need to provide evidence of the:

  • UK source of the packaging waste you export
  • weight of the packaging waste
  • point of export
  • clearance by customs of the receiving country
  • destination of the packaging waste - details of interim recipients are not sufficient.

Import and export of waste

Storing, treating and disposing of waste

If you store, treat or dispose of packaging waste, you may need a waste management licence or to register an exemption from waste management licensing.

Waste Management Licences

Transporting waste

If you transport waste yourself, you will need to register with the NIEA or SEPA as a waste carrier. See our guide on waste carriers, brokers and dealers.

Further information

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Recycling and reprocessing

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