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Maintaining farm machinery

Maintaining farm machinery

What you must do

Some crop flow devices on combine harvesters use a radioactive source. If your combine harvester uses a radioactive source, you must have a certificate of registration (Northern Ireland or an authorisation (Scotland) from your environmental regulator.

Radioactive substances and wastes

Contact your environmental regulator

Wastes such as oils, antifreeze and brake fluids, which are generated during the maintenance of agricultural machinery and vehicles, may need to be dealt with as hazardous/special waste.

Hazardous / special waste

When you dispose of vehicles which are classed as waste, ensure that you meet the requirements of the end-of-life vehicle legislation.

End-of-life vehicles

In Scotland, if you carry out machinery and vehicle maintenance activities that could cause water pollution, eg they are close to a watercourse, you must comply with certain General Binding Rules (GBR10 and GBR11).

SEPA: The Water Environment (Controlled Activities) (Scotland) Regulations 20011 - A Practical Guide (Adobe PDF 540KB)

Good practice

Maintain your machinery and vehicles regularly to prevent leaks of oil and other fluids.

Never pour oils, antifreeze, brake fluids or other polluting liquids down drains. These are classified as waste and you should collect them in containers with secure lids and store them in a bunded area until they can be disposed of safely.

Your local garage may operate a collection scheme for oils, antifreeze and other fluids. If not, use the recycling directories or contact your local council to find out more about licensed collection sites in your area.

Find your nearest waste site

Contact your local council

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