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Small scale forestry


Creating small woodlands

  • There are many benefits to having small woodlands on your land, from increasing biodiversity to sheltering crops and livestock.
  • Agro-forestry is about gaining the benefits of trees and agriculture through integrated land management

DAERA: Legacy Forestry Grants Scheme

DAERA Forestry Grants

Scottish Forestry: Creating small woodlands on farms in Scotland

RPS: Forestry Grants Scheme Scotland


Willow coppice for fuel

  • Willow is a fast growing crop that can be used for fuel or for a range of natural products.

DAERA: Short rotation coppice scheme

Forestry Scotland: Wood energy



Burning biomass for fuel

  • A number of crops including willow and mithcansus grass can be grown and processed specially for burning in biomass burners. This can be for heat or power, or combined heat and power.

NIDirect: Biomass

Energy Saving Trust: Biomass for heating


In this Guideline:

Look after your soil

Protect water

Care for animals

Manage your crops

Manage waste

Make use of buildings

Machinery, equipment and fuel

Protect biodiversity

Small scale forestry

Management tools

Dealing with emergencies

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