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Protecting water

Protecting water

Water abstraction and impoundment

  • If you want to abstract or impound water from a borehole, a spring, a burn, a stream, a river or loch/lough you may need authorisation from the NIEA or SEPA.

NetRegs: Water abstraction or impoundment



  • In northern Ireland: contact the Rivers offices for information about dredging of waterways.
  • In Scotland: read the guidance from SEPA on any works in or near water.

Northern Ireland: Contact the DfI Rivers offices

SEPA: Dredging, a land managers guide

SEPA: Dredging a straightened river between 1 and 5 metres wide


Bank management

  • Protect riverbanks from erosion and stabilise existing riverbanks using best practice techniques.

SEPA: Engineering in the water environment

SEPA: Sustainable riverbank protection

SEPA: Reducing riverbank erosion - best practice guide


Works in or near water

  • Working in or near water can cause damage to the bed or banks, can cause problems with silt in the watercourse and can transfer non-native species.

GPP 5: Works and maintenance in or near water


Poaching and bank erosion

  • Know the rules that prevent significant poaching
  • Position livestock feeders at least 10m from water
  • Fence areas to prevent animals accessing watercourses

Northern Ireland: Cross compliance and verifiable standards

Farming and Water Scotland: Poaching and erosion


Steading drainage

  • Runoff from around the steading must not cause pollution. Collect and store drainage contaminated with manure or slurry
  • Lightly contaminated drainage can be treated with constructed farm wetlands or other sustainable drainage systems.

Northern Ireland: Good agricultural practice -air, soil and water

Farming and Water Scotland: Steading drainage

Constructed farm wetlands: design manual for Scotland and Northern Ireland

CIRIA: the SuDS manual


Septic tanks, biodiscs for sewage treatment

  • Check if your building has a septic tank or other treatment system
  • Is it in proper working order, e.g.are there odours, or does the wastewater drain very slowly?
  • Make sure you know what can and can’t go into the tank
  • Is it emptied regularly?

NetRegs: Septic Tanks

NetRegs: Septic tanks e-learning course. 


The use of buffer strips

  • Buffer strips prevent the loss of soil to ditches, burns , rivers etc. and help prevent pollution from fertiliser and pesticide runoff.

Northern Ireland: Cross compliance and verifiable standards

Farming and Water Scotland: Diffuse pollution


Spreading fertilisers

  • Make sure when you apply fertilisers that the nutrients will remain on your farm where needed.
  • Be aware of weather conditions, soil conditions and know the rules for spreading near water.
  • Maintain your spreading equipment and make sure it is properly calibrated.

DAERA: Nitrogen fertiliser options

DEARA: Use of organic fertilisers and soil improvers

Farming and Water Scotland: Slurry and manure

Farming and Water Scotland: Inorganic fertilisers


Pesticides and water

  • Pesticide users must have a certificate of competence, or work under the supervision of someone who has.
  • The storage and handling of pesticides must be done in a way that prevents the risk of pollution.
  • Know the rules for spraying pesticides near water, and take care washing down equipment.

DAERA: guidance on the use of pesticides

Farming and Water Scotland: Using pesticides

Farming and Water Scotland: Purchase and storage of pesticides


Soil and cultivation

  • Soils are an essential resource: check that you are not damaging soil eg by compaction and that soils are not being washed off your land.

DAERA: Soil structure and avoiding compaction

DAERA: Valuable soils need protection

Farming and Water Scotland: Soil and cultivation 


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