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Look after soil


Prevent soil compaction

This allows air and water to move deep into the soil, allowing healthy root development and encouraging healthy plant growth.

  • Reduce axel loads where possible
  • Avoid vehicles accessing fields after heavy rain or
    if soils are waterlogged
  • Be aware of the impacts that animals can have by
    trampling certain areas.

DAERA: Soil Structure and avoiding compaction

Farming and Water Scotland: Soil and nutrients

Farming for a better climate: Valuing your soils


Make sure you have the correct pH for your soil

The correct pH level for your soil will allow the uptake of fertilisers by plants, improving yields.

  • Think about soil sampling and liming
  • Less uptake of nutrients means poorer crops and agreater risk of diffuse pollution from the farm land

DAERA: Soil sampling

Farming and Water Scotland: Soil and pH


Get the correct nutrient balance

  • Create a nutrient budget for your farm; regular soil testing will help target nutrients where needed.
  • Consider application methods, for example to avoid losing nitrogen when applying slurry.

DAERA: Soil sampling

Farming and Water Scotland: Nutrient balances


Landspreading organic fertilisers

  • You must be aware of the rules that govern the use of certain wastes, such as paper sludge or food waste.
  • You should also be familiar with the rules for the use of slurries and manure
  • Organic fertilisers such as slurry and manure can provide valuable nutrients and can improve soil texture.

NetRegs: Landspreading waste

NetRegs: Landspreading slurry and manure

WRAP UK: Renewable fertiliser matrix tool

NFUS and Zero Waste Scotland: Sourcing and using digestate and compost. 


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Look after your soil

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