Environmental guidance for your business in Northern Ireland & Scotland

Deal with emergencies


Manage flood risk

  • Are you prepared for flooding? Flooding can be caused by rivers, the sea, surface water or overflowing drains or sewers.
  • Find out if you are at risk using the floodmaps.

NI Dept of Infrastructure: Flood maps

SEPA: Flood maps

SEPA: Sign up for flood warnings


Extreme weather events

  • Be prepared for extreme weather events, and build resilience into your activities.

Climate Northern Ireland: Resources

Adaptation Scotland: Tools and resources


Dealing with spills

  • If you have a spill on your farm, of any material or liquid that could cause harm to land or water it is important that you have a plan in place to deal with it.

NetRegs: GPP 22 Dealing with Spills


Pollution incident response planning

  • Remember: Source, Pathway, Receptor.
  • Put in place a plan that will help you to prevent harm if spills or accidents happen.
  • Keep spill equipment appropriate to the materials you have on site and be prepared to use them.

NetRegs: GPP 21 Pollution Incident Response Planning


In this Guideline:

Look after your soil

Protect water

Care for animals

Manage your crops

Manage waste

Make use of buildings

Machinery, equipment and fuel

Protect biodiversity

Small scale forestry

Management tools

Dealing with emergencies

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