Environmental guidance for your business in Northern Ireland & Scotland



Pests and diseases

  • Pest, weeds and diseases can adversely affect your productivity. Be aware of the best methods and techniques to combat them.

DAERA: Crops and horticulture

Farming Advisory Service (Scotland): Crops and Soils



  • If you farm in Northern Ireland you must be aware of the Nitrate and Phosphate rules that apply when applying fertiliser to your land.
  • In Scotland, rules apply to the application of fertilisers with additional rules for farms within Nitrate Vulnerable Zones

NetRegs: Fertiliser application

NetRegs: Fertiliser regulations

DAERA: Code of good agricultural practice for Reduction of Ammonia Emissions



  • Biobeds can be used to prevent equipment washings from causing pollution.
  • Check and see if constructing a biobed would be of benefit to you
  • Check that no authorisation from your environmental regulator is required for washings.

The Voluntary Initiative: Biobeds

NI Business Info: Disposal of Pesticides

Scottish Government: Code of Practice - Using plant protection products. 


Organic crop production

  • There are certification bodies that provide guidance covering converting to organic production and the standards that are required for organic certification.
  • Organic methods reduce the risk of water pollution by removing many of the chemicals that can cause harm to the environment.

Soil Association: What is organic farming?

Organic Farmers and Growers

DAERA: Organic production - general guide

Scottish Organic Producers  Association

SRUC: Organic crop production


In this Guideline:


Look after your soil

Protect water

Care for animals

Manage your crops

Manage waste

Make use of buildings

Machinery, equipment and fuel

Protect biodiversity

Small scale forestry

Management tools

Dealing with emergencies

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