Biodiversity is the variety of living organisms on Earth. It includes all animals, plants, fungi and micro-organisms, not just rare or threatened species. It also includes the habitats these organisms depend on. Conservation is about maintaining and improving the status of species and their habitats.

If your business is located in or next to a natural area, or you have areas of undeveloped land on your site, you can have a direct impact on biodiversity. Even if your business is based in a town or city, you can affect urban species such as hedgehogs, house sparrows, insects and plants. You can also have an indirect impact, for example through your choice of goods, materials and suppliers.

Taking care of habitats and species can help your business' reputation with investors, customers and the local community.

This guide explains which sites, habitats and species are protected by law or are a conservation priority in government policy. It also covers how to create an action plan and how to work with other organisations on biodiversity conservation.

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