If your business installs and maintains sewerage systems such as sewers, drains and septic tanks, you may carry out activities such as excavating and installing pipework. These could have a significant impact on the environment.

What you must do

If your business installs septic tanks, cesspools or package treatment plants read the pollution prevention guidance on treatment and disposal of sewage where no public foul sewer is available (GPP 4).

GPP 4 provides guidance on:

  • selecting the best option for treatment and disposal
  • calculating the right size for the sewage treatment system
  • operating and maintaining the sewage treatment system
  • consent and land use planning requirements.

GPP4 Disposal of sewage where no foul sewer is available

Read our guidance on installing septic tanks.

Septic Tanks

Further information

Northern Ireland Water: Sewer adoption (new development)

Scottish Water: Connecting to our network

In Scotland, you can also purchase the second edition of Sewers for Scotland. For further information, see the WRC website.

Scottish Water: Sewers for Scotland, 4th edition

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