Environmental guidance for your business in Northern Ireland & Scotland

Water and efficiency

How to Harvest Rainwater for your Business

Businesses describe the benefits of harvesting rainwater from their roof areas and the financial savings they make by following environmental good practice.

Linden Foods

NetRegs speak to Linden Foods in Northern Ireland about their good environmental practice and resource efficiency throughout their supply chain in their Green Track programme.

Good Environmental Practice in an Office

A case study video on how businesses manage their offices in an environmentally sound way.

How to Protect Soil and Water on a Farm

A case study in which farmers describe how they protect soil and water from runoff, animals and erosion.

How to Prevent Diffuse Pollution on farms

A case study video which looks at ways of keeping fertilisers and runoff out of water courses on farms, whilst saving money.

Jessie Macs B&B

NetRegs speak to staff at Jessie Mac's B &B about how they comply with environmental regulations and policy.

Antrim Castle Gardens

NetRegs speak to staff at Antrim Castle Gardens about their focus on environmental good practice and biodiversity enhancements

Peel Tech Ltd

Peel Tech Ltd talk about how they develop a small scale potato waste-water treatment & starch recovery process.

Broughgammon Farm

Broughgammon Farm in Northern Ireland speak to NetRegs about 'forward thinking farming.'

How To Manage Water on a Construction Site

Construction businesses demonstrate how they protect water on construction sites

City Hotel

NetRegs speak to City Hotel in Derry about steps taken to address their environmental impacts.


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