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Buying environmentally friendly goods and services

Every product or service your business buys has an impact on the environment. Sustainable purchasing is an approach to buying which can help you to reduce the impact of the goods and services you buy on the environment, human health and social conditions. This means making better choices about what you buy, how often and who you buy from, which could help you save money.

A product or service has environmental impacts throughout its life cycle from the raw materials and energy used to manufacture or supply it, to the way it is recycled or managed at the end of its life. Your purchases may also have social impacts, for example if you buy goods or services from organisations that have poor working conditions or pay a low wage.

This guide will help you make informed and sustainable choices when buying goods and services. It explains the benefits of sustainable procurement, how to buy goods and services sustainably and avoid unnecessary purchases. It also covers using environmental labels and how to select sustainable suppliers.

Relevant Business Topics:







Chemicals manufacturing



Food and drink manufacture


Mining and quarrying 



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