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Business benefits of improving air quality

Business benefits of improving air quality


Ensuring good air quality can benefit your business.

You can reduce the risk of health problems among your staff and visitors, which may help avoid staff sickness and compensation claims.

Complying with air quality legislation will also help you avoid the risks of penalties and prosecution. Read the page in this guide on what you must do to prevent air pollution.

However, there are a number of other benefits, aside from reducing legal and financial risks. Better practice can also help you save money. Cost savings typically include:

  • reduced risk of compensation claims from employees and members of the public
  • lower insurance premiums through carrying out risk assessments
  • less risk of machinery being clogged or damaged by dust
  • reduced costs from transportation and vehicle use.

Your reputation could benefit too. Lower levels of pollution will improve your standing with employees and customers, and relationships with the local community. As environmental awareness grows, clients and potential clients may be more attracted to your business than to your competitors.


In this guideline

Causes and effects of air pollution

Business benefits of reducing air pollution 

What you must do to prevent air pollution

Prevent dark smoke

Boilers and furnaces: environmental authorisations

Boilers and furnaces - chimney height requirements

Burning waste controls

Smoke control areas

Protecting neighbours from air pollution

Measuring and monitoring to reduce air pollution

Air pollution environmental legislation

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