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Producing and supplying fluids: F-gas controls

Producing and supplying fluids: F-gas controls

If you manufacture, import, export or supply fluids containing fluorinated greenhouse gases (F-gases) you must comply with a number of obligations.

What you must do

Key F-gas obligations

If you produce, or import into or export out of the European Union, more than 1 tonne or 100 tonnes of CO2 equivalent of F-gas per year, you must report to the European Commission before 31 March each year. You must present the information in a standard template.

HFC Registry: Guidance on how to register PDF

F-Gas registry – Standard reporting template  (sign in required)

In Northern Ireland you must also send a copy to the Northern Ireland Environment Agency.

In Scotland you must send a copy to Defra

All F-gases and products containing F-gases must be traded using the EU quota system.

HFC Registry: How to make a quota transfer

You must label F-gas containers 'placed on the market' showing the type and quantity of fluid. Labels must show the:

  • text 'contains fluorinated greenhouse gases covered by the Kyoto Protocol'
  • abbreviated chemical names of the F-gases contained
  • the charge size

From 1 January 2017 the label must also indicate:

  • the CO2 equivalent of the charge
  • the Global Warming Potential (GWP) of the f-gas contained
  • text 'hermetically sealed' where applicable.

You must make sure that the label is clearly legible, in English and securely fixed to the container. It should be attached in a place where it is easilly visible, for example beside any valve used for top ups.

There are other obligations relating to labels and instruction manuals.

For further information, contact DEFRA at defra.helpline@defra.gsi.gov.uk.

Fluid retained in the container must be properly removed by certified personnel at the end of the container's life.

Make sure you are properly qualified

IMPORTANT - Action needed by 31st Oct 2019 if businesses/employees possess certificates for work with F-gases or ozone depleting substances in products/equipment and work in the Republic of Ireland’s jurisdiction - Find out what you need to do here >>>

All personnel, including contractors or subcontractors, who carry out F-gas handling and recovery activities must be properly qualified.

If your business checks for leaks, maintains or services refrigeration, air conditioning, heat pump equipment or fire protection systems containing F-gases, or recovers F-gas from certain types of equipment, you can only take delivery of F-gas if the personnel doing the work are appropriately qualified. The person physically taking delivery doesn't need to be qualified if they don't perform recovery work.

Use of non-refillable containers for transporting or storing F-gas is banned.

If you manufacture or supply chemical substances you must comply with the Classification, Labelling and Packaging of Substances and Mixtures (CLP) Regulation.

REACH Regulation

Further information

GOV.UK: F-gases guidance for users, producers and traders

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