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Why you need a green team

Monday, September 24, 2018

When it comes to sustainability in your office, small changes can make a big difference. However, encouraging buy-in from your employees can sometimes prove difficult. Setting up a green team will help to make the switch to sustainability much more seamless.

But what is a green team?

A green team consists of a group of employees in an organisation tasked with managing and progressing sustainable activity and initiatives. The green team is responsible for driving forward sustainable opportunities within the business as well as motivating and educating employees on sustainability.

Designating a green leader to assemble a green team can have numerous benefits for your business. Here we explain what these benefits can be:

Cost saving

When your green team successfully implements new sustainable procedures, it will save your business money. The green team will be able to monitor heating use and save on energy bills for example by programming the thermostat correctly, or by replacing office lighting with more energy and cost-efficient alternatives. Being an environmentally friendly business comes with so many cost savings, take a look at our savings calculator to find out how.

Staff retention

When your employees feel valued and part of the company mission, they will be a much more engaged member of your company. Setting up a green team is no different. By encouraging employees from different departments to join the green team, you will be able to keep all staff on board and motivated.

A sustainably conscious business will not only retain, but also attract staff. It has been reported that 42% of the modern workforce now want to work for an organisation that has a positive impact on the world.

A competitive edge

Adopting sustainable practice and having a dedicated green team will give your company a competitive edge when it comes to new business. Potential customers or clients will be drawn to your business because of your environmental ethos.

Being ahead of legislation

With a dedicated green team in your office, your company can keep ahead of the legislation and be prepared. Knowing what’s around the corner and implementing new strategies will be just one of the roles of your green team, putting your business in a strong position.

There are so many benefits to having a green team – setting one up simply makes good business sense. There are also several resources available to keep your green team on track, making the process easier than ever. You will find useful checklists, updated regulations and management toolkits on the NetRegs website.

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