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Consultation on the Proposed Control of Mercury (Enforcement) Regulations 2017

This UK consultation is seeking views on the proposed Control of Mercury (Enforcement) Regulations, which are intended to implement the requirements of (EU) Regulation 2017/852 on Mercury. This EU Regulation, which was adopted in May 2017, is directly applicable in the UK. The proposed UK Regulations currently being consulted on are simply to designate enforcement authorities and offences.

EU Regulation 2017/852

The EU Regulation controls imports and exports of mercury between the EU and non-Member States, restricts the use of dental amalgam, sets requirements for the storage and disposal of mercury, and restricts the creation of new mercury-added products or new manufacturing processes involving from the 1 January 2018.

Proposed UK Mercury Regulations

It is proposed that a single set of UK-wide regulations be introduced, that would enable enforcement by relevant authorities in each devolved administration. The proposed UK Regulations would repeal the Mercury Export and Data (Enforcement) Regulations 2010. Further details of the proposed approach to the UK implementing legislation are outlined in Part III of the consultation document.

Who will the proposals be of interest too?

  • Those involved in the export of mercury, mercury compounds, mixtures of mercury and waste mercury,
  • Those involved in the import of mercury or mixtures of mercury,
  • Those involved in the export, import and manufacturing of products containing mercury,
  • Organisations that use mercury in manufacturing processes, especially the chloralkali industry,
  • Operators (offshore oil and gas exploration/production sector) involved in cleaning of natural gas and the waste mercury gained from this process,
  • Scientists, engineers, technicians or other individuals interested in using mercury,
  • Dental practices and dental practitioners, hospital dental surgeries,
  • Operators providing hazardous waste management services to dental practices and other organisations that produce waste mercury,
  • Operators interested in providing temporary/permanent storage facilities for waste mercury,
  • Operators interested in mercury waste management, specifically in conversion and solidification of waste mercury, and
  • Environmental groups and individuals interested in the management of chemicals and hazardous waste.


The consultation closes on 21 November 2017. A summary of consultation responses will be published within 12 weeks. UK Regulations will be laid in Parliament as soon as practicable, so that they can enter into force on 1 January 2018.

Further Information Defra on Gov.uk https://consult.defra.gov.uk/environmental-quality/control-of-mercury-enforcement-regulations-2017/

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