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Consultation on Revised Requirements for Radiological Protection

There is a UK wide consultation on revised requirements for radiological protection. It sets out proposals for the transposition of the 2013 Euratom Basic Safety Standards Directive (BSSD) in relation to public radiation exposures.

Euratom and Basic Safety Standards Directive

The BSSD consolidates and updates existing Euratom provisions for protection against the harmful effects of ionising radiation. It establishes minimum standards for three distinct radiation exposure groups, namely the protection of workers (including those who work directly with radiation, but also workers who may be exposed indirectly in the course of their occupation), medical patients and the public in existing exposure, planned exposure and emergency situations.

Your views are sought on the proposals for implementing the requirements of the Directive in relation to the following:

  • Planned public exposure situations, in relation to authorised activities involving radioactive substances, for example for power generation or healthcare;
  • Existing public exposure situations, including the management of legacy radioactive contaminated land and exposure to naturally occurring radon gas in homes; and
  • The justification of practices involving ionising radiation, which relates to the process for determining whether the benefits of a practice justify the potential detriment.

Changes introduced by the BSSD

In most cases, existing UK legislation is already fully compliant with the revised requirements of the BSSD and therefore the changes proposed to transpose the BSSD are incremental, working within the existing framework of regulatory regimes for different exposure groups and types.

The following areas are those that have identified a need for change

  • Dose constraints and dose limits
  • Orphan Sources and high-activity sealed sources
  • Clearance and exemption
  • Reference levels for exposure
  • Contaminated land and existing exposures
  • Public exposure to radon
  • Justification of practices involving ionising radiation
  • Building materials

Who will the proposals be of interest too?

The proposals will be of particular interest to a wide range of commercial and public sector organisations, including hospitals, universities, the nuclear industry and other industries that work with radioactive substances or which generate radioactive waste.


Your responses are sought by the 15th November 2017.  The 2013 BSSD must be transposed into national legislation by 6th February 2018.

Further Information

GOV.UK: Revised requirements for radiological protection

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