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How to comply with the CRC energy efficiency scheme

How to comply with the CRC energy efficiency scheme

If your business qualifies for participation in the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme, there are certain activities you will need to do in order to comply with the Regulations. You will need to:

  • monitor and report your usage of electricity and gas.
  • buy enough allowances to cover your annual emissions and surrender enough allowances to cover your emissions at the end of the compliance year.

Following simplification of the scheme the number of fuels that must be reported has been significantly reduced from 29 to 2. Participants must now report on:

  • Electricity
  • Gas, supplied through the gas distribution network.

100% of these supplies need to be reported subject to some exemptions including:

  • All gas supplies less than 72,200 kWh annually
  • All 01 and 02 metered electricity
  • All domestic usage
  • Any supplies for transport purposes
  • Certain onward supplies.
  • Certain supplies necessary for the generation, transmission or distribution of electricity
  • Certain supplies necessary for the transport, supply and shipping of gas.

Climate Change Agreements (CCA) and EU Emissions Trading Scheme (EUETS)

Supplies to EUETS installations, with the exception of electricity, are not included in Phase 1 of the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme. This extends to all supplies to installations in Phase 2.

Organisations with a CCA may have been able to claim exemption from the reporting requirements of the CRC in Phase 1. For Phase 2 these exemptions will be removed although all supplies to CCA target facilities will remain outside the scope of the Scheme.

If your business has a CCA or is included in the EUETS you will still need to consider other supplies and may still be required to participate in the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme.

Guidance for the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme: Assessing Qualification and Registering for Phase 2

CRC annual report

As a participant in the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme, you will need to monitor your CRC supplies during each scheme year. By the end of July each year you should provide a CRC annual report of your organisation's CRC supplies to the Environment Agency which will be converted to CO2 for publication. 

Registration fees

You will also need to pay the registration fee of £950, plus an annual subsistence fee of £1,290.

If you don't register by the end of the registration period, you may receive a fine of £5,000 and £500 for each additional working day that you do not register up to a maximum of 80 days.

You can find information on how to register, and how to submit reports on the Environment Agency website.

Environment Agency: The CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme  

If you have any queries about the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme you can contact the CRC helpdesk.


In Scotland you can contact the SEPA CRC team


In Northern Ireland you can contact the DOE Climate Change Unit

DAERA Climate Change Unit

Further information

GOV.UK: CRC - Guidance for participants in phase 2

DAERA: CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme information

Scottish Government: CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme information

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