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Consultation on the Implementation of Regulation (EU) 1143/2014 on Invasive Alien Species in Northern Ireland

The Department of the Environment has consulted on the proposed penalties which it is required to put in place to assist the implementation of Regulation (EU) 1143/2014 (‘the EU Regulation’) that came into operation on 1 January 2015. The EU Regulation relates to the prevention and management of the introduction and spread of invasive alien species. The core provision of the EU Regulation is a list of invasive alien species of Union concern. These are species whose potential adverse impacts are such that concerted action across Europe is required.

Sectors and Groups affected

  • Pet Keepers/breeders/importers and other hobbyists
  • Horticulture
  • Professional keepers, botanical or zoological gardens, plant or animal collections/collectors
  • Research, scientific, academic

What is proposed?

The aim of the proposal is the introduction of penalties and sanctions to implement the requirements of Article 30 of the EU Regulation. Article 30 provides that Member States must set down provisions on penalties applicable to infringements of this Regulation and to take all necessary measures to ensure that they are applied. The EU Regulation provides that species on the Union list cannot be intentionally imported, placed on the market; released into the environment; kept, including in a contained holding; used or exchanged; permitted to reproduce, grow or cultivated; bred or transported. The proposed penalties and sanctions are to be applied to breaches of Regulation (EU) 1143/2014.

Further Information

Consultation on the implementation of Regulation (EU) 1143/2014 in Northern Ireland

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