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List of activities covered by PPC

List of PPC Activities

Section of Schedule 1 Processes falling under IPPC or LAPPC
For details of processes between IPPC and LAPPC, refer to Schedule 1 of your local PPC Regulations itself or contact your trade organisations or your environmental regulator.
Scotland Northern Ireland
1 Energy industry
1.1 Combustion activities A B A - C
1.2 Gasification, liquefaction and refining activities. (Scotland: Refining mineral oil and gas, operating coke ovens and coal gasification and liquefaction) A B A B C
2 Production and processing of metals
2.1 Ferrous metals A B A B C
2.2 Non-ferrous metals A B A B C
2.3 Surface treating metals and plastic materials A B A B -
3 Minerals industry
3.1 Production of cement and lime A B A B C
3.2 Activities involving asbestos A B A B -
3.3 Manufacture of glass and glass fibre A B A B -
3.4 Production of other mineral fibres A - A - -
3.5 Other mineral activities A B A B C
3.6 Ceramics production A B A B C
4 Chemical industry
4.1 Organic chemicals A B A B -
4.2 Inorganic chemicals A - A - -
4.3 Chemical fertiliser production A - A - -
4.4 Plant protection products and biocides (Scotland: biocide production) A - A - -
4.5 Pharmaceutical production A - A - -
4.6 Explosives production A - A - -
4.7 Manufacturing activities involving ammonia A - A - -
4.8 Storage of chemicals in bulk - B - B -
5 Waste management
5.1 Disposal of waste by incineration A B A B C
5.2 Disposal of waste by landfill A - A - -
5.3 Disposal or recovery of hazardous waste other than by incineration or landfill A - A - -
5.4 Disposal or recovery of non hazardous waste A - A - -
5.5 Temporary and underground strorage of waste A - A - -
6 Other activities
6.1 Paper, pulp and board manufacturing activities A - A - -
6.2 Carbon activities A - A - -
6.3 Tar and bitumen activities A B A B -
6.4 Coating activities, printing and textile treatments A B A B C
6.5 Manufacture of dyestuffs, printing ink and coating materials A B - B C
6.6 Timber activities A B A - C
6.7 Activities involving rubber A B A B C
6.8 Treatment of animal and vegetable matter and food industries A B A B C
6.9 Intensive farming A - A - -
6.10 Carbon capture and storage A - A - -
6.11 Waste water treatment A - A - -
7 Solvent Emissions Directive (SED) activities* - B - - C


*SED activities include:

  • heatset web offset printing
  • publication rotogravure
  • other rotogravure, flexography, rotary screen printing, laminating or varnishing units
  • rotary screen printing on textiles or cardboard
  • surface cleaning
  • vehicle coating
  • coil coating
  • other coating activities, including metal, plastic, textile, fabric, film, paper, wood and leather coating
  • winding wire coating
  • dry cleaning
  • wood impregnation
  • footwear manufacture
  • wood and plastic lamination
  • adhesive coating
  • manufacture of coating preparations, varnishes, inks and adhesives
  • rubber conversion
  • vegetable oil and animal fat extraction and vegetable oil refining activities
  • manufacturing of pharmaceutical products.

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